We have custom –built a beautiful live recording space based on 1960’s asymmetrical designs that has the space and feel of a traditional / classic recording space- with a high roof, plenty of natural light and a beautifully controlled acoustic.

A Classic Tradition

The studio was designed and built by Keith Angel and Nigel Saxelby, based on ideas, acoustic principles and designs originated by two studio design authors/ gurus; F.Alton Everest and Philip Newell.

We can easily and comfortably accommodate a twelve piece band in the main space. It’s the perfect environment for a live band; acoustic music, jazz ,folk,  classical or choral ensembles.

The control room is also very well appointed and functions equally well as a vocal / isolation booth with excellent visual access to the main room. We have a ‘front end’ to die for that will give you all the warmth and clarity you desire.

We use only the very best classic microphones from Neumann, Akg , Sennheiser and AMS/ Soundfield including Neumann M149 (valve), 30 year –old classic U47 FET and U87 models + AKG 414 XLII.

Inputs are via a range of classic valve and class ‘A’ mic and line pre amps including Tube Tech Mec1a  and MMC1a, Focusrite Red and Universal Audio LA 610 and 6176. We also have classic Urei silver front 1176 and UA 1176 compressors.

Outboard gear includes such perennial high-end favourites as the Lexicon PCM 90 reverb, MPX1 multi FX and Roland Space Delay and Chorus/ Space Echo (tape loop).

We also have a classic Gretsch drum kit and cymbals; a huge range of percussion and a serious Ampeg bass rig that can be put at your disposal for no extra cost.

The Convenience and quality of Pro Tools HD

We record using Pro Tools TDM / HD (professional) – up to 120 tracks- with up to 32 inputs, using excellent quality Focusrite A/D converters.

Our editing and production skills are second to none and we can offer a mastering service. Monitoring is via, Genelec and Teledyne Acoustic mid / nearfields.